Hi, I'm Rian Hotton 

It's really nice to meet you.

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"Rian is a Jersey born contemporary artist based in London. His work is inspired by nostalgia – colour and feel, the future – problems and questions and his environment – the here and now. Continual research and knowledge gathering are key to his process."

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new works from my fine arts painting portfolio

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'marina'  2021
acrylic on bamboo paper or available as archival print

Portelet In Situ.jpg

limited edition archival print 30cm x 40cm view

'Portelet Bay'  2017 original acrylic on bamboo paper 
30cm x 40cm


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'green park'  2021 original acrylic on canvas 
80cm x 120cm x 4cm

limited edition archival print 54cm x 81cm

Arles Acrylic painting on canvas 80cm x 120cm x 4cm  - Rian Hotton

'Arles'  2021 acrylic on canvas 
80cm x 120cm x 4cm

We are currently updating the website but leaving it open for anyone to look at the gallery or shop. All should be back to normal before Bank Holiday Monday. 28/08
August 2020. A short new video has been produced showcasing some new work that has been quietly in production over recent times. The artwork explores the bridge between the sciences and art. Asking and attempting to answer questions. Press to play

website update

Puppet Acrylic painting on bamboo paper  - Rian Hotton

'puppet'  2021 acrylic on paper 
42 cm x 58cm

The searcher - Acrylic painting. Rian Hotton 2021.
Trinity I - Acrylic painting on paper - Rian Hotton 2021.
Elements - Acrylic painting on paper - Rian Hotton

'elements' 2021 acrylic on paper 56 cm x 73cm

Hybrid Bliss - Acrylic painting on paper - Rian Hotton

'hybrid bliss' 2021 acrylic on paper 43 cm x 56cm

No chains - Acrylic painting on paper - Rian Hotton

'no chains' 2021 acrylic on paper 
47 cm x 62cm

Virtual Exhibtions Now Live


'all that is' an interactive virtual exhibition featuring recent works of 2020 and 2021. 

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