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Commission: Saga Cruises and the Spirit of Adventure

Through the viewing of photos of my early coastal paintings on Instagram I was contacted by SMC Art Consultancy (#smcart_consultancy) in 2019 and asked if I would like to take a commission of forty eight paintings (sixteen triptychs) that were to be hung in Saga Cruises new boutique cruise ship Spirit of Adventure. Up and until this time all my commissions had been single paintings for private clients. The brief was open, and had a nine month completion time.

My original coastal paintings were created when I first began painting full time to ease myself back into the process and further develop my style at the time.

I saw this as an opportunity to not only develop a larger body of work in this area but to play around with my style without altering it dramatically. Although I stick to a routine that involves painting at least forty hours a week I planned a timeline for this to make it manageable in case of setbacks.

I chose to use the open brief to research the ships destinations and paint notable areas of beauty that worked together as a triptych. For some locations I had photographs from my own visits. I created studies for the paintings so that they could be sat next to one another to form a panorama. Once each set of three paintings was finalised and agreed I scanned and stitched them together to form a seamless panoramic print. This gave me another sixteen images to add to the forty-eight paintings.

It was agreed with Saga that I keep the originals and that they receive an archival print of each painting for the ship. I managed to complete the commission early, mainly due to the preplanning and the client not requiring any amendments or changes.

Saga Cruises will be producing an on-board catalogue containing information on all the involved artists and their respective paintings, an on-board gallery.

Due to the COVID pandemic the maiden voyage has been set back to November, currently.

The paintings and prints will only be available once the maiden voyage has set sail.

Please join my mailing list to be notified of availability of these and any new works or news.


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