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Hi, my name is Rian and I am a full time artist working out of my studio in St. Helier, Jersey. I was born and formally educated on the Island of Jersey before moving to Manchester for further education in 1990’s.

At Manchester School of Art, I completed Art and Design Foundation Diploma before gaining BA (Hons) in Interior Design and 3D Design and an MA in Spatial Design. More recently gaining a Diploma in Garden Design from the English Gardening School. Although having a design heavy resume my art has been a consistent part of my life from a young age which has continued through further education and into my work and personal life.

After leaving Jersey once again and settling in London in 2009 Rian spent a few years running a Garden Design and build practice before deciding to return full circle to his childhood obsession – painting.

His change of path had been on the cards for a while as he was painting a lot in his spare time and was also frustrated with lack of time to pursue his own fields of inquiry.

He says “Many sacrifices were made to make it possible to paint full time and fully engage in what I love doing. The irony being this humbler life has its greater inner rewards”.

Rian’s ability to conceive ideas and the narrative behind them is born from his design background.

His use of different mediums gives him the ability to convey these ideas in his art which is continually evolving through art practice development.

Combining this with continual learning through audio books and educational podcasts his work covers a variety of fields.

For most of 2019 and 2020 his focus has been on bridging the gap between art and science in order to create new lines of possible investigation for unanswered questions.

He says “This field lights up my creativity as the questions are difficult and wide ranging. When I couple this with the freedom to express ideas and lose myself in the topic, the outcome, collaboratively or not, can shed light on new approaches to finding answers that have up until now remain hidden.”


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