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'Borders of the Land' 2023.  


The painting is inspired by the rural landscape of his homeland, where he often spent his childhood exploring the fields and coast. The painting depicts a serene and idyllic scene of nature, with distance fields, lush trees and a clear blue sky. However, the painting also contains a hidden narrative of the Ukraine War, a conflict that has been raging since February 2022. Using subtle clues and symbols to hint at the violence and turmoil that is happening across the country's borders.  He contrasts the peaceful countryside with man's propensity for destruction, and shows how fragile borders can be in times of war. The painting is a commentary on the current state of the world, and a reminder of the beauty and value of nature.


The original painting of 'Borders of the Land' was painted in 2023 with acrylic paint and collage on paper.


The dimensions of the visible painting are 112 cm x 160 cm with a 4cm border. 


The painting is signed by the artist. 


Enclosed with the painting is also a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.

The painting will be shipped flat, wrapped in tissue paper, placed into an acid free sleeve then securely packaged for transit.


Any questions please send an email to

'Borders of the Land' Rian Hotton Acrylic and collage on paper 310gsm 112x160cm

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