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'Lapin Blanc'


Lapin Blanc depicts a view of a room with walls on different planes, creating a sense of distortion and depth. An empty chair and a distant figure suggest a narrative of absence and mystery. The view is semi-abstracted, with geometric shapes and vibrant colours.


The painting also shows a glimpse of the sky and the forest, both inside and outside the room, creating a contrast between nature and culture. A rabbit appears in the foreground, symbolizing innocence and curiosity. A figure lying down on the floor adds a touch of surrealism and ambiguity.


The painting is a captivating example of the artist's style, which combines elements of post-impressionism, fauvism and expressionism.


The original painting of Lapin Blanc was painted in 2023 with acrylic paint, collage and leatherette on a 12mm ply panel. The dimensions of the visible painting are 81cm x 121cm.


This print is one of a limited edition of 30. The dimensions of the visible print area are 40cm x 57cm. The total size is 44cm x 61cm which includes a 2cm border for framing purposes.

The original is available for purchase. 
Each print is individually signed and numbered by the artist.
Enclosed is a certificate of authenticity to guarantee your print is a limited edition artwork only available at the edition stated.


The print will be shipped flat between layers of two ply cardboard or alternatively can be collected in person.

'Lapin Blanc' by Rian Hotton Edition of 30 Archival Print

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