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'Puppet' 2021.  


Puppet is the second painting of a new series for 2021. The location and reference image for the painting is the Sexby Garden in Dulwich Park, London.  The bones of the painting are created through collage work using cut out imagery from various sources including old paintings which, when finished, is then sketched out onto painting surface. The shapes are mixing together nature and the modern world, almost like an algorithm of imagery to create a new interpretation of the park.

The original painting of 'Puppet' was painted in 2021 with acrylic paint on Hahnemühle bamboo paper 265gsm.The dimensions of the visible painting are 41.5cm x 55.5cm, with the total size is 42cm x 56cm which includes a 0.5cm border.


The painting is signed by the artist.


Enclosed with the painting is also a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.


The painting will be shipped flat, wrapped in tissue paper, placed into an acid free sleeve then secured between several layers of two ply cardboard.


Any questions please send an email to

'Puppet' Acrylic on bamboo paper 42cm x 56cm

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