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'Railway Walk IV' 2023.  


Railway Walk IV is a new painting by the artist Rian Hotton, inspired by his walks through the picturesque Jersey valley. The painting depicts the old railway bridge that crosses the path, a symbol of the historical significance of the area. The artist uses bold colours and geometric and fluid shapes to create a contrast between the natural and the man-made elements. The painting invites the viewer to experience the beauty and tranquillity of the valley, as well as to reflect on its past and present.


The original painting of 'Railway Walk Jersey IV' was painted in 2023 with acrylic paint and gesso on canvas.


The dimensions of the visible painting are 170 cm x 122 cm. The painting is currently off stretchers and can be rolled.  


The painting is signed by the artist. 


Enclosed with the painting is also a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.

The painting will be shipped flat, wrapped in tissue paper, placed into an acid free sleeve then securely packaged for transit.
Any questions please send an email to

'Railway Walk IV' by Rian Hotton Acrylic on canvas 170cm x 122cm

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