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'Searcher in dust' 2021.  


The 'Searcher in dust' is part of the 'Searcher' painting series which references a story where a man is trapped in a real, many worlds (theory). He is a person trapped in the many worlds that lives his existence from one life to the next for eternity. Here is contemplating 'the quintessence of dust' whilst remembering all those that have passed before him and the relationships he had with them. It calls in question eternal life and living life in the moment. Two polar opposites.

The original painting of 'Searcher in dust' was painted in 2021 with acrylic paint and collage on an artist ply panel (20mm).

The dimensions of the visible painting are 42cm x 60cm x 2cm.


The painting is signed by the artist.


Enclosed with the painting is also a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.


The painting will be securely wrapped, packaged and shipped via courier. Any questions please send an email to

'Searcher in dust' Acrylic and charcoal on artists ply panel 42cm x 60cm x 2cm

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