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'Theodora' 2023


Abridged: The triptych is based on three cities from the book 'Invisible Cities' by Italo Calvino. The book consists of a sequence of imaginary dialogues between the Venetian traveller Marco Polo and the Tartar emperor Kublai Khan. In the course of these discussions, the young Polo describes a series of metropolises, each of which bears a woman's name.


The triptych is inspired by the book Hidden Cities by Italo Calvino, a collection of short stories that explore the human experience through the lens of imaginary cities. Eaxh painting depicts one of three cities, here, Theodora, is defined by its relationship to memory and time.


The painting shows a chaotic and colorful scene of buildings, streets, people and objects that represent different moments and events in the history of Theodora. The painting invites the viewer to travel through the layers of memory and discover the stories and secrets that lie beneath the surface.


The painting also reflects on the themes of war and human futility that Calvino explores in his book, as Theodora is constantly threatened by invaders and natural disasters that could erase its memory and identity. The painting is a tribute to Calvino's poetic and imaginative vision of the hidden cities that exist within us and around us.

The original painting of 'Theodora' was painted in 2023 with acrylic paint and collage on 310gsm watercolour paper.
The original is available for purchase. 
This print is one of a limited edition of 40. The dimensions of the visible print area are 41cm x 57cm. The total size is 45cm x 61cm which includes a 2cm border for framing purposes.
Each print is individually signed and numbered by the artist.
Enclosed is a certificate of authenticity to guarantee your print is a limited edition artwork only available at the edition stated.


The print will be shipped flat between layers of two ply cardboard or alternatively can be collected in person.

'Theodora' by Rian Hotton Limited Edition of 40 Archival Print 41 x 57cm

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